Children’s Choice Waiver – CCW

The Children’s Choice Waiver began February 21, 2001 to offer supplemental support to children with developmental disabilities who currently live at home with their families or with a foster family.  Waiver participants are eligible for all medically necessary Medicaid services, including Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) screenings.  This waiver package is designed for maximum flexibility. In addition to the medically necessary services waiver services funding can also be used for:

  • Support Coordination (required case management)
  • Family Support – services provided directly to the child
  • Center-Based Respite – services provided on a short-term basis to children unable to care for themselves so that their caregivers can have some relief
  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations – physical adaptations to home or vehicle
  • Family Training – training and education services provided to the participant’s family by professional organization

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