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This program was designed to assist low-income households with their cooling or heating bills by providing home energy and efficiency services. After a household is determined to be eligible, a certified Louisiana Weatherization auditor completes an inspection of the home for energy, health, and safety concerns. Work will be done by local licensed and insured contractors at no cost to the occupants. Typical work includes air sealing, attic and/or sidewall insulation, weather stripping, and/or minor repairs associated with the weatherization work. All work recieves a thorough Quality Control Inspection by the agency’s Energy Auditor. Households with incomes up to 200% of the poverty level are eligible. Due to limited funding, priority points are awarded to households to members who are elderly, disabled, and/or have children under the age of five. Households with exceptionally high energy bills may also receive priority service. Tenants with landlord approval as well as homeowners are eligible.

Precision Caregivers Environmental Modifications is Certified and Approved for the Weatherization Assitance Program.

Door Threshold Ramp

2-1/2″ rise threshold ramp for pedestrian traffic and mobility devices

PVI Plate Style Aluminum Threshold Ramps

Aluminum threshold ramp style for a door or small steps

Doorway Ramp

Environmentally friendly threshold ramp with ceramic coated quartz surface for slip-resistance – Available in 5 colors

Free Standing EZ Access Threshold Ramps

The EZ Access Threshold ramp is free standing for small barriers

Rubber Threshold Ramps

ADA Rubber Threshold Ramps custom fit for your home or business

Ultimate Adjustable Threshold Ramp

Adjusts between 3 ¾” to 7 ½” high

Self Supporting Threshold Ramps

Aluminum anti-slip traction surface designed for swing-out doorways and disability use

EZ-Access Beveled Door Ramp

Provides a smooth transition from doorway thresholds

Bariatric Threshold Ramps

High weight capacity doorway ramps for bariatric disability applications

Adjustable Threshold Ramp

Adjustable height ramp easily transitions over a doorway threshold

EZ Access Rubber Threshold Ramps

Rubber threshold ramps for up to a 2.5″ rise for a step or door

EntryLevel Landings

Recycled rubber threshold landing system provides a maneuverable level surface with sloped approach for ADA compliance

ADA Compliant Cable Ramps

Attach these cable ramps to existing cable protectors for ADA compliance

Center Folding Wheelchair Ramps

Fold down the middle, 2-6′ lengths available

Wheelchair Shower Platforms

Unique and economical method for raising shower floors for wheelchair access

Chesapeake RT4

Wide, Long, Deep Tub

St. Croix RH6IM

Wide, Long, Deep Tub

Atlantic RR7II

Wide, Long, Deep Tub

Santa Rosa RS8HA

Wide, Long, Deep Tub

Geneva RS8ST

Wide, Long, Deep Tub

Winnipeg RK12

Wide, Long, Deep Tub

Mediterranean RB14

Extra Wide, Long, Deep Tub

Superior RM3

Deep Tub

St. Croix RH6

Wide, Long, Deep Tub

Mediterranean (RB14)

Extra Wide, Long, Deep Tub

Pacific RC2

Deep Tub

St. Clair RN5

Traditional Tub

Stockton RH4

Wide, Long, Deep Tub

The Easy Track FS is a free standing versatile solution for all types of point to point transfers – wheelchair to bed, bed to chair, even in the bathroom, anywhere there is a lift and transfer need.

Molly Bather – the ultimate bath lift with padded stool, bathing pad and grab rail. The Molly Bather Bath Lift is considered by many experts to be the most complete bath lift of bathing aid available.

PVI Wheelchair Ramp Systems

Prairie View Industries modular wheelchair ramps are available in any configuration to meet your home or business needs

Pathway Access Ramps

EZ-Access Pathway wheelchair ramps are the perfect solution for temporary or semi-permanent access – Available with or without handrails

Wheelchair Access Ramps

4-8 ft. Long access ramps for wheelchairs, power-chairs, scooters, walkers and other mobility aid devices

EZ-Install Modular Ramps

These EZ-Access modular ramps can be set up in minutes and easily taken apart and moved

Vertical Scooter and Wheelchair Platform

Three models available with 750 lb weight capacities

Wider Doorway

Widen doorways to allow wheelchair access

Walk-in Showers

Makes entering and exiting the shower
safer and easier

Walk-in Showers

Makes entering and exiting the shower
safer and easier

Walk-in Showers

Makes entering and exiting the shower
safer and easier

Walk-in Showers

Makes entering and exiting the shower
safer and easier

Invacare Tub Bar

Makes entering and exiting the bathtub safer and easier – Portable and lightweight with two gripping surfaces

Invacare Steel Commode

All-in-one steel commode can also be used as a toilet safety frame or raised toilet seat – 16″ W seat, 300 lb capacity

Invacare Raised Toilet Seat

Easily attaches to most toilet bowls, making it easier for those with mobility issues to rise from the seat – Available with or without arms

Invacare Toilet Safety Frame

Provides support and stability in the bathroom – Helps prevent slipping and assists in rising from and lowering to the toilet seat

Invacare Bath Shower Chair

These shower chairs feature wide, contoured seats with adjustable aluminum legs – Available with or without a backrest

Invacare Bath Transfer Bench

Helps make transferring in and out of the bathtub safer and more comfortable – Features a removable seat back and adjustable legs

Invacare Heavy Duty Commode

Heavy duty construction to support up to 450 lbs – Features armrests, angled legs, and a wide seat

Invacare Heavy Duty Transfer Bench

Provides comfortable assistance in transferring in and out of the bath – Supports up to 400 lbs

AquaJoy Bath Lift

Safely get in and out of your bathtub with the AquaJoy by Harma

Toilet Arm Support

Safely sit on your toilet with arm braces

Beliavita Bath Bliss

Motorized seat assistance for your bathtub

Bath Tub Seat

 Bath Tub Seat Assistance